Elementary School Orchestra Program

Participation in the Goshen Community Schools Orchestra Program begins with the summer beginner program for incoming 5th grade students (students with significant summer conflicts may have the opportunity to start in a condensed three week after school program in August).  The Fifth Grade Orchestra is taught by Mr. Sean Patrick.

5th Grade Orchestra resumes for all students in late August.  5th grade students will have orchestra twice a week; once a week before or after school at their individual schools, and once a week after school each Wednesday from 3:45-4:45 at Goshen Middle School.  (Students will take the bus that travels from their elementary school to the middle school on Wednesdays)  We encourage students to arrange transportation home but we should be able to have a bus available to take students home.  It does take some time for this bus to travel the entire district so we encourage parent pickup and carpooling if/when available.  The 5th Grade Orchestra performs at the December Winter Festival, and May Spring Festival concerts.