Chandler follows the course set by the Goshen Community School district and emphasizes literacy and math. Our staff provides many additional programs that encourage and allow all students to be successful. With the help of the Chandler community, students receive a well-rounded education.

Academic Goals for Chandler students

  • Student achievement will increase in language arts and math
  • Student performance and progress are effectively communicated among those directly involved with the student’s achievement.
  • Students demonstrate respect to all members of the Chandler community, including students, staff, peers, parents, neighbors and guests.

Readers and Writers Workshop

Literacy Collaborative is our language arts framework and consists of language and word study, reading workshop, and writing workshop. There are a number of teaching and learning structures and curriculum components for each. Each student is met at their level and receives instruction in individual, small group, and large group settings.

Math Framework

Math Expressions is a comprehensive curriculum that maintains a balance between the development of math concepts and basic skills. Students apply basic math skills while working on meaningful and challenging tasks. The math content of the traditional math curriculum is studied; but other topics, estimation, geometry, measurement, patterns and relationships, algebra concepts, and statistics and probability are investigated at an appropriate level in each grade.

The curriculum includes different types of lessons:

  • Activities – Explorations of math concepts and skills that use a variety of tools and methods.
  • Labs – Extended investigations that use a simplified version of the method scientists use.
  • Daily Practice and Problems – Items that provide practice in math skills and concepts.
  • Games – Math games that build familiarity with math skills and concepts.
  • Adventure Books – Illustrated stories that deal with math and science ideas.
  • Assessments – Activities that allow the teacher and student to assess progress



PTO Information

The Chandler PTO is consists of parents and teachers from Chandler Elementary. They meet regularly on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM throughout the school year.