Mission:  Transforming Learning, Growing Together, Building our Future

Vision: At Chandler Elementary, we are transforming learning to develop critical thinkers
who will be respectful and responsible global citizens.


We are very proud of our school and the Goshen community we serve.

Chandler is the home of the Hornets and is located in the heart of Goshen. Chandler is primarily a neighborhood school, serving a diverse population of children in grades K – 5. Our current enrollment is approximately 475.

Collaborative Education

Chandler’s dedicated staff encourages parent and community involvement through enrichment activities like Family Reading Night, Fiesta Night, and Chandler Reading Buddies . Chandler frequently partners with Goshen College to provide training experiences for new teachers and to host literacy events.

Student instruction is based on formal and informal assessments of students’ strengths and weaknesses. Chandler students utilize an integrated study of language arts, including literature study, reading process, writing process, oral communication and the mechanics of language.

Our students build math skills sequentially through introductory hands-on experiences, daily practice of concepts and computation, and continued reinforcement of previously learned skills. Students then transfer these math skills into problem-solving applications.


Cheryl Williams is the principal of Chandler Elementary School.


All the elementary schools in the Goshen Community School district share a standard elementary handbook that is designed to help students, parents and community members understand the procedures and programs at the elementary schools in the district. This common set of guidelines makes the school year run smoothly. Policy items and contents range from student progress and conferences to the lost and found.

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Facts & Figures

Chandler’s mission statement, “Working Together, We Learn,” illustrates our team approach to education. Staff, students, parents and community members partner together to provide a safe and stimulating educational environment. We hold our students to high academic and behavioral standards, creating a solid foundation upon which students can grow academically, emotionally, and socially.

Visit the Indiana Department of Education website for more information about Chandler Elementary

School Improvement Plan

Every school, as part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act and Indiana’s Public Law 221, must have a school improvement plan. Each school has an improvement team comprised of staff, parents and community members. These teams developed their initial building plan in 2001-02 and revise the plan as needed each year.

Language Arts Goal

The percentage of students meeting or exceeding the Language Arts standards will improve by 5% annually on the ISTEP assessment.

Mathematical Goal

The percentage of students meeting or exceeding the math standards will improve by 5% annually on the ISTEP assessment.

Student Life

At Chandler, our staff works hard to provide students with many educational opportunities daily. Students have 2.5 hours of language arts instruction, along with one hour of math daily. To add variety to the day, students enjoy their creative side by exploring art, music, the library and the computer lab. Recreation time provides the student with physical activity that is so important for children.

Activities include: